Commercial Loans

As with car loans there are many types of loans available with many different structures to suit your commercial vehicle needs.

A very popular option these days is a Chattel mortgage as businesses like the fact that they can claim back the GST proportion of the vehicle purchase on their next BAS statement.

An added bonus is that the government offers an instant claim on the business usage portion on items that cost less than $20000 until June 2019 (check with your accountant to confirm this is the case for you).

Most businesses find these a very effective way to purchase the vehicles that they need.

Vehicles can be bought from car/ truck dealerships, also from private sales or other vendors.

There can be vehicle age restriction’s with a lot of banks however there are lenders available that specialise in older vehicles

Please note this is not financial advice but is a common way that clients are using their vehicle not only to produce an income but also as a tax effective entity for their businesses. Your accountant will be the best person to advise on the structure as dependent on how your business is set up will determine which product suits you best.